I’m Bill Griggs, creator of The Makers Guide Triple Edge Finder. If you’re new to the world of CNC Routers, business, and design software this page is for you! It contains the information you need figure out how to get started with CNC routers. How to get up to speed quickly and start your own venture confidently!IMG_3133

This blog is unique because it not only talks about the technical side of operating CNC Router tables but also discusses setting up a business with one. 

Starting a side business can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Knowing why you are motivated to create a business income with a CNC Router is the first step.

CNC Router tables may be the new tool of choice for woodworkers. Prices have dropped drastically in the past year and more and more people are buying them.  Having a CNC allows you to make many unique and specialized products specific to your location. The problem is that not many people understand how to operate them and fewer people still understand how to market their work.

I have been building, designing, programming  and operating CNC Router tables, privately and commercially for over 10 years. I want to share that knowledge and experience with you so you can get up and running quicker and with a definite purpose.

Three Paths

There are 3 types of people who come here.

1. Those who want to Buy a CNC Router Table but don't know what to choose.

2. Those who bought a CNC Router Table but don't know how to operate it effectively.

3. Those who Know how to operate a CNC router table and plan to start or grow a business with it.

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Things to consider before selecting a CNC Router table

There are four things you need to consider before selecting a CNC Router Table
1. Size
2. Budget
3. Suitability
4. Support

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Let’s dispel with some myths and set realistic expectations before we go any deeper.

1. Generating income streams (including passive income streams ) is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work. Nothing in life comes easy. Making money with your CNC Router or online website is no different. I will never try to persuade you to think otherwise. People will tell you that you can sell trinkets and generate money. But the truth is generating money is not the same as generating a profit. I’m here to tell you the truth: Building a profitable online CNC business is hard. I’ll do my best to guide you and give you the information you need, but I can’t force you to take action; that’s up to you.

2. Generating an income does NOT happen overnight. I don't believe in get rich quick or teach it, that is not how I work. My first online business took a few years of hard work before it was generating enough income to pay for my equipment.  There was nothing easy about what I had to do to get that business going. But in relative terms, it was “quick”. I decided to take control of my life and work hard now so I don't have to defer my dreams.

3. Generating passive income is NOT impossible. Passive income was just a dream for me until 2010. That’s when I retired from my Civil Service job and chose to bet on myself. I decided to try to make my dream a reality. And you know what? The dream is coming true day by day and it’s totally amazing!


There are basically four ways to get into CNC Router. How you aquire your machine will have a big impact on how you build out your hobby or your business.
Build your own
Buy one
Buy Used
Borrow one
Disclaimer: I do earn a commission if you choose to go with Bluehost. There are many other hosting solutions you could choose, but this is the one I recommend based on my experience with the company since I started doing business online. If you do choose to purchase through my affiliate link (it won't cost you anything), thank you so much for your support!

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I appreciate You.

I just wanted to say thank you and I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin your CNC Router business but also as a friend. I do my best to respond to all emails (it’s getting tougher as my Facebook groups grows in popularity, but I will always do my best to respond!). I don’t know everything, and I am not perfect. I am just a bit further down the road to CNC knowledge than some. I want to help you down that road with me so we can all enjoy the journey. I love CNC and online marketing and I want to help you enjoy them to. Thank you so much for your support. And if you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to come say hi to me on my Facebook Page. I’ll definitely respond, and I look forward to meeting you! P.S. If you have found this page helpful, please click one of the buttons below. Thanks!